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    mice control

    Carpet Cleaning Kings Guest Post Special!

    This is a guest post by Carpet Cleaning Kings who know a thing or two about the after affects of an extermination. The best way to stop a recurrence of an infestation is to hire professionals to clean the affected area. Read below to find out more.


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    How To Catch A Mouse In Your Garage: Top 5 places to place traps

    It's of no surprise that mice like to hide out in the garage. Mainly because they have a large door to enter and because it's the closest room of a house that is attached to the outside world.

    Some mice exterminators may see this as a place not worthy of a trap because mice can get in so easily however, it's best to prevent mice from entering at all costs. In order to catch a mouse you must make sure you are proactive as well.

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    How To Catch A Mouse Or Mice In Your Basement in 3 Steps!

    In this day and age we are faced with many infestations. One of them being mice. Now, if you had one guess as to which would be the hardest to place to catch a mouse it would be....the basement.

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    How To Catch A Mouse or Mice In Your Bedroom Humanely. Top 3 Best Methods

    The worst place to find a mouse is in your bedroom so here are the the top 3 ways to catch mice humanely.


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    Mice In Apartment Buildings. Why Mice Extermination is so important! 

    This NBC news article explain how low income housing are a breeding ground for mice and other rodents. The poor Richmond resident requested to be transferred to another housing unit because the problem was to big to ignore. This article is a prime example of when Landlords need to step in to assist the tennants. In an up coming blog post I will be running through the responsibilities of each.

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    mice control